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The President of Phantom Werks approached Ezoba Design with a dilemma. He owned a multi-million dollar business, yet did not have the necessary tools and assets to make his company well known. Using our services, we were able to find simple and innovative solutions which benefited our client.

- Phantom Werks Portfolio Page

The owner of X-Hale Lounge approached us with one simple need: to increase sales, yet keep things on simplistic and modern levels. Our result, by creating more innovative advertisements and a modern website, we were able to increase revenue and sales.

- X-Hale Lounge Portfolio Page

Mr. Warren Jackson has been a client of Ezoba Design before. During the new year, Mr. Warren Jackson became aware of the violence and crimes that are committed in the Chicagoland area. He needed our help. We decided to create a promo video, a website, and take advantage of our graphic design service to create flyers, brochures, and advertisements to help raise awareness.

- We Stop The Killings

Is your business looking for an IT group? View our partner, FTNETS Networking, to learn more about what computer and networking solutions they may provide you and your business. Whether it be from creating a small network for your computers to share, print, and extract files, or a complex network to book, store, and manage databases. View FTNETS to learn more.

- FTNETS Networking

Washington International Trading & Consulting Group LLC approached Ezoba Design with a problem. After years of successful importing and exporting goods, this company did not have the correct website to reach their entire potential. Our solution?

- Launch WITCG Portfolio Page

Atrack Trading is a successful import and export business. They deal with their clients globally, and needed a new method of atracting clients. Ezoba Design was their answer.

- Atrack Trading

Real Estate is where W2X Inc shines. W2X approached Ezoba Design with one simple goal: To make more money. Our answer?

- W2X Incorporated

Barrington Softball Association needed new flyers and banners to help promote their team. Our answer?


- Our Flyer

Everything from every-day lighters to higher end zippos. Ezoba Design was the answer.
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