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The President of Ezoba Design's personal website. Before the launch of Ezoba Design, Armin Tadayyon worked under freelance terms, and continues to take projects under freelance agreements as well. If interested in a freelancer, instead of a firm, please visit this site for a second option.
Not only does Mr. Tadayyon specialize in web design, but in graphic design, video production, and IT as well. Armin Tadayyon is someone who constantly has an open mind is continuously searching on bettering himself and others. He is open to almost any contract opportunity, and career options.


They say if you read three (3) books on a subject, you are an expert on the subject. What if you've read more than three? Mr. Armin Tadayyon is constantly searching ways of bettering himself and others. Experiences gained, lessons learned, and mistakes committed, all are posted on the Tadayyon blog.

- The Tadayyon Life

Everyone has potential to achieve greatness. In order to live your life to the fullest, you have to look at things in a positive perspective. Life is ruled by perspective. Visit to motivate yourself, and change the perspective of your world. Learn never to give up, achieve greatness, and push yourself to the limit. Because in the end, impossible is nothing.


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- FTNETS Networking

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